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Evil Eye Adjustable Ring

Evil Eye Adjustable Ring

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When a person wears or carries an evil eye with them, it guards against misfortune happening in one's life. The evil eye brings good luck and protects you from any ill-will.

Evil eye amulets come in different designs and colours, also known as a Mati, Ojo Turco, Mal de Ojo or Nazar, that all carry their own meaning. This ring is made up of the following colours:
  • Dark Blue: Wear a dark blue evil eye if you’re seeking protection against karma and fate. It’s also useful if you want to stay calm and relax. The dark blue evil eye also promotes an open flow of communication and integrity. In colour psychology, dark blue signifies depth, power, seriousness and knowledge. It also represents responsibility, trust and dependability.
  • Light Blue: If you want general protection from all the evil intentions directed your way, a light blue evil eye is what you need to wear. Light blue evil eye meaning brings you peace and solitude. Colour psychology associates light blue  with peace and calm. Light blue is also a symbol of sophistication and feminine appeal. It is also associated with good health.
  • Dark Green: You need a dark green evil eye to attract happiness and balance in your life. It’s also a good symbol to carry if you seek freedom to pursue new ideas. In colour psychology, green has been the colour for nature, good luck, renewal, generosity and fertility. It also represents growth, like how plants and trees bloom in spring. Green also means rebirth, money, prosperity and stability.
  • Red: A red evil eye will boost your courage, energy and enthusiasm. Wear it if you want protection against anxiety and fear based on the red evil eye meaning. Red means passion and love. In some cultures, red can also mean happiness.

Size & Material: Brass metals with coloured enamel and cubic zirconia stones. These metals are NOT tarnish resistant or advisable to be worn by persons with metal allergies. ~3mm thickness and adjustable (no fixed sizes).

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Love it

It's simple, neat and the colors are bright. I love that I can wear it on 3 fingers.