Collection: Towers, Spheres & Clusters

Want to amplify your intentions? Use a crystal tower. Crystal towers focus the energy of the crystal, which you can then direct. They are the battery of the crystal world, used to recharge other crystals and jewellery, as well as amplify the power of other crystals.

Crystal spheres emit energy gently in all directions and are often used to fill space with clearing or positive energy, scrying and meditations.

**Please read all product information and store policies before purchasing**

BEFORE PURCHASING: PLEASE NOTE These are natural crystals and therefore imperfections are to be expected (chips, fractures within the stone, druzy pockets, impurities, uneven cuts etc.). After all it is evidence of the stone's authenticity rather than it being a man-made material. If you are looking for a genuine crystal that is flawless you won't be able to find one in this price range.